Model 102 Flare

This model ignites and monitors the pilot flame.  The Ignition Arc is maintained continuously in absence of flame.

Model 102

This model ignites and monitors the pilot flame.  If the pilot fails, it will attempt to re-light the pilot for 12 seconds.  If it is successful, it will return to flame monitoring mode.  If no re-light occurs, it will time out and shut down.

Model 102 SSD

This model monitors and restarts as described above in Standard Model 102, but if no re-light occurs, this unit will 'time-out' and at the same instant will close a 12 volt magnetic latching valve.

Model 102 DSD

This model monitors, restarts and shuts down as described above and also closes a one-inch or two-inch electro mechanical fuel valve.

Optional Features

*  Dry Contacts for alarms or external shutdowns

*  Solar Battery Charges

*  120 VAC battery Trickle Chargers

Standard Accessories

Installation kit, consisting of:

*Ignitor / Sensor probe

* High Voltage / High temperature Ignition Cable

*Flexible conduit for Ignition Cable

*12 Volt Battery

NEMA 12 and 13 Enclosure




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